Our species has spent most of the last hundred years trying to make life as easy and physically undemanding as possible. Neither you nor I have to be active to survive. This means that physical activity today has to be a conscious choice in a world built to suppress it. That, my friend, is an uphill battle if there ever was one. So, forgive yourself a little for struggling.

But at the same time, we can make that hill much easier to climb by eliminating the same motivational mistakes; errors that are costing you time and money, and causing you tonnes of frustration.

Willpower is inadequate in the long game. It can’t make up for a love-hate relationship with physical activity (hate to do it, but love the results). Love HAS to lead. That’s what my interviews with the loyally active have taught me. Willpower is only a garnish, never the main dish for the devoted.

In my work, you’ll learn something much stronger than the willpower way. Fitness isn’t a finish line, it’s a relationship you’ll be in for the rest of your life. To find a lasting marriage that brings all the benefits, you’ll have to quit playing the same old games and start learning new “sustainability” skills to give your routine the stamina it needs.

It’s not as hard as you might think. To learn more about what I mean, watch the trailer for my book, Feel Like It.

All the best,