Corporate Speaking

With hundreds and hundreds of interviews behind me, I have a catalogue of stories, lessons, and actionable advice to suit any crowd interested in health and fitness. I’ve been speaking to inquisitive crowds since I first substituted taught at the University of Ottawa for pioneering performance psychologist, Dr. Terry Orlick. After lecturing in a Sport Science program in the south of England, I’ve been giving talks, seminars, and workshops to a variety of audiences. With a knack for hooking people early, I also feed this attention with provocative questions that challenge the popular beliefs preventing people from sustaining health and happiness.


  • Sustainability Skills: Your secret weapons to active living
  • Culture War: Evolving beyond “No Pain No Gain”
  • The High Performance Hangover: Dealing with Retirement from Elite Sport
  • Fit by Feel: The 5 Ws of Successful Fitness Planning
  • Lessons from the Loyal: The Keys to an Active Life