It’s hard not to notice how lopsided health and fitness content has become. No matter your medium of choice, there seems to be an immense amount of content available about the physical side of fitness, including its anatomical, physiological, and technical elements. But what about the mental and emotional side?

The inner game of active living receives so little attention despite it being the ultimate difference maker over the long haul. It’s the glue that holds everything together.

We’ve all been caught up in the pesky mind games; the ones keeping us from creating and sustaining any real momentum in our fitness routine. I’ve been wrapped in them too. I wanted to create a conversation about how to simplify the complex task of staying active in a world that, honestly, is designed for us not to be.

So, let’s interrupt the regularly scheduled fitness programming that fixates on the same old things, and dive into the hot issues related to your motivation, mental preparation, and even today’s discombobulating fitness culture.