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"The art, science, philosophy, and
psychology of fitness rolled into one."

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"Teaches an easy way to build a routine that
truly fits your personality."

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"Opened my eyes to new ways of building
motivation and finding joy in exercising."

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"A great mix of humour, emotion, and useful
strategies. I'm recommending it to my friends."

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About Kelly Doell

Kelly Doell, Ph.D., is a mental performance consultant specializing in the mental side of active living. His passion is in building tools and teaching strategies that help people find their fit in fitness. A former university lecturer, he holds a doctorate in population health, a master’s in sport, physical activity, & health intervention, and is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association. He’s worked in the health & fitness industry in a variety of capacities, including in sales, on the fitness floor, and as loyalty consultant. He currently lives in Ottawa, Canada, where he spends his free time falling off his mountain bike, fumbling through yoga poses, and flailing in community fitness workouts.

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I have used Kelly’s teachings in my work at the YMCA for nearly 10 years. Over that time, I’ve seen him work with new gym members, train staff, and give talks on motivation. He understands the mental side of the struggle to stay active as well as anyone. More than that, he empowers people to build a routine that actually fits them. If you are struggling with your motivation to be more active, Kelly is your guy. His ideas are simple, easy to implement, and very empowering.

Tina DoweLead Program Director, YMCA of Saginaw Valley

Kelly’s published peer reviewed research has advanced understanding of how individuals’ motivation and perception of how they want to feel can impact their health and high performance. His international experience and interdisciplinary knowledge also provides him with both the expertise and empathy that make him a highly effective mental performance coach, especially in the world of fitness. His dedication to helping others feel and perform their best is truly inspiring.

Dr. Paul DavisChartered Psychologist and Associate Professor at Umeå University, Sweden

For our monthly book club pick I chose Feel Like It. We had good conversations about the book and we realized that being active is not just about “going to the gym”. We had a lot of fun picking our Mighty Motives and chatted about how they were all different. On a personal level, I can say that I now see working out as less of a chore and more something that I enjoy because it changed my focus.

Marjolaine Godbout